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DOCK 01                           Solek Group
Voctářova 2449/5              180 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic



ID: 29202701


+420 722 931 678


Solek Project Alpha SRL
Solek Project Gamma SA
Solek Project Tau SA
Solek Project Txi SA

Sat Tunari, Comuna Tunari,
Strada 1 Decembrie Br. 110, Biroul Nr. 7, Bloc 22,
Judeţ Ilfov, Romania

Solek Chile Holding SpA

Parque Solar Santa Laura SpA

Parque Solar Amparo del Sol SpA

Badajoz 45, Piso 15, OF 15B  Comuna Las Condes, Santiago  Chile


Who is behind the Solek Group?


Zdeněk Sobotka

Chief Executive Officer and sole shareholder


Visionary and experienced entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector, founder and leader of SOLEK GROUP. Since 2009 he has invested in more than a dozen photovoltaic projects in Eastern Europe and recently also in Chile.



Contacts - service partner PV Power s.r.o.

Czech republic Romania Chile

PV Power s.r.o.
DOCK 01                           

Voctářova 2449/5
180 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic


PV POWER s.r.o.

ID: 28973577

PV Power Services SRL

member of Solek Group

Jaroslav Kříž
Executive Director
+420 602 285 070

PV Power Chile SpA

member of Solek Group

Jorge Leal
Country Manager
+56 993 325 627


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