Feasibility study

The feasibility study is standard part of our investment plan analysis. It not only evaluates investment effectiveness but also the project stability in dependence on a change of conditions. It appraises the stability and the field of the country in a given time frame.

It is a highly professional service which eliminates risks and helps to start high pace of investment growth.

Our study contains the total project time schedule through market analysis, technical solution, and financial plan up to working capital management or risk analysis.



Economic performance of every project is directly influenced by its financing, alternatively by its subsequent refinancing. For negotiations with the financing entity it is essential to have all operating licences and permissions in conformity with legislation in force of a given country. That could be provided for only by perfectly performed development and post-development of the project of which framework not only all legislation required documents but all economic, legal and technical due diligence are ensured within.

It is not possible to happen that a development process is started based on incomplete or even erroneous statements which would at the end lead not only to the project implementation delay but also to the increase of the total cost.

The Solek Group has years of experience in photovoltaic power plant development from several countries in the world.


Construction process of photovoltaic power station
What is necessary to consider when choosing a new location:

What is necessary to consider when choosing a new location:


When judging safety and political stability of a chosen country we draw on experience of foreign investors who work in such country and on the expertise of export insurance companies in connection with possibilities of financing or else credit insurance. We do not run the risk of putting a possible project and its financing in danger in any way and at the same time we eliminate possible political-safety risks.

Environmental conditions

Our main idea with which we enter the project in new locations is sustainable profitability of the given project even in the case when the generated electricity will be sold for market prices. Thanks to our thoroughgoing selection of locations with high irradiation on m2 we are able to protect the investment even in a situation when subsidies might be restricted like it happened for example in the Czech Republic.


From our experience in the Czech Republic we know that high feed-in rates often represent possible future risk for the investors in the sense of their restrictions, retroactive taxation and the like. For this reason we eliminate investments in countries where promotion highly exceeds energy prices at the level of retail prices, and we focus on such countries where projects are capable of generating stable yields based on the electricity market.


Functional legislature of a given country, availability of the particular selected location, appropriate distance of a tie point and sufficient quality of a transmission network which eliminates unnecessary outages of generated energy supplies are all very important for successful implementation of a project. To eliminate all possible threads and risk we have our internal experts who examine and afterwards evaluate all these parameters.