Operation arrangement of photovoltaic power plants

The advantage of photovoltaic power plants is a possibility to fairly reliably foresee and plan production level of electric power. On the other hand, this fact leads to the necessity of seizing the potential without any merest loses for there is no possibility of emergency production increase and potential outage compensation. We focus on complex operation and management of photovoltaic power plants which helps to prevent losses and outages.


We plan strategically and operatively, provide and manage operating personnel, conduct all the maintenance and equipment repairs, prepare legal documentation and manage relationships with third parties: the public, regulative authorities, insurance companies, suppliers and other subjects. Our provision of operational and managerial services is based on our long-term experience in operation and maintenance.


Experience in all phases of a project


Thanks to our rich experience in development, construction, administration and operation we can enter the project in any of its phases.


Cleaning of solar panels

As part of operation and maintenance, or as a separate service, we offer cleaning of solar panels using SunBrush® mobile solar cleaning system technology. Using hydraulic brush, fixed on a tractor John Deere, we can clean up to 3 MWp power plant per day. By this, we are saving time, personnel and the cleaning costs, and we are contributing to stable performance of solar panels and the entire power plant. The cleaning is ecological and without any risk of scratching the panels. The system can adjust to both fixed constructions and trackers.


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