We search for a new colleague to co-develop know-how center for quality control & its implementation across our group.


You can expect:

  • challenge to develop and implement an efficient quality control model within the development, realization and O&M phases
  • quick implementation of efficiency improvements to meet the company goals
  • flexible decision making (simple organisational structure)
  • room for personal growth


You shall be responsible for:

  • Development and management of the quality team
  • Concentration of the quality implementation & control know-how
  • Compliance of QAP in accordance with the client requests (manufacturing – factory, construction erection site, commissioning – start of operation)
  • Work outputs compliance with the quality standards
  • Project documentation control monitoring
  • Monitoring of construction tests and commissioning process
  • Monitoring of complaint management
  • Reporting to the company management


In cooperation with us you shall benefit from:

  • Experience from the quality management process
  • Understanding of the energy sector
  • Analytical skills to analyse outputs from our control system
  • Communication & presentation skills to message in due manner all the information and its urgency to the stakeholders, and ability to articulate complex technical explanations (ability to read and explain highly technical contract provisions, instruction books and manuals)
  • Negotiation skills to manage and develop our client relationships
  • Managerial overview to consult on planning & budgeting, quality development
  • Working level of English as this is the only language all of the other eligible partners use, and Czech
  • If you know Spanish, good for you since part of our teams are located in Chile
  • Energy to let other people feel what the sun really can do!


If you are interested in this job position, please send your CV to merezko@solek-group.cz.